RT @willchamberlain: Listening to the National Guard briefing now

There are still 13,000 National Guard members in DC, conducting "security missions" according to the brass

Fox News should start a rolling counter for Biden’s lies. The man lies openly and through his teeth.

RT @jasonrantz: A WA teacher's union president says reopening schools is an example of "white supremacy," concern over a child's mental health or suicide risk is "white privilege," and push to reopen schools is like rioters pushing to enter the U.S. Capitol.

READ: t.co/QxFazq2Taz t.co/ny50MEZG7p

RT @TheMarieOakes: This was tweeted by Biden a day after the travel ban on China was announced. t.co/ZJZ0S2ijoc t.co/VQiIwMkUX8

RT @guypbenson: Analysis: No, Tom Cotton didn't lie about being an Army Ranger -->


"President Biden believes that gender identity should not be a bar to military service and that America’s strength is found in its diversity."


RT @JackPosobiec: Psaki sounds solid today and is making common sense points here. Even her interactions are smoother. She’s leveling up fast. t.co/rGGL5vN7gt

How are Trump's reply guys holding out these days? They've lost all purpose, their raison d'être.

This whole "we'd love to do this, but it'll take time and you're going to deal with it in the meantime" is quickly becoming the Biden administration's favorite refrain. t.co/ARH90ZrOUj

RT @TomCottonAR: Biden stopped the construction of the border wall and invited people into the country who are making bogus claims of asylum.

The world noticed. t.co/cfCmA1Hp6m

RT @Slatzism: IMAGINE being a 23 year old adult mf and going online to complain about the behaviour of a 7 year old


Remember when all the libs lost their minds over Tom Cotton's suggestion that the national guard be deployed against Antifa rioters? They complained that it was tyrannical--fascist even. Now these same pearlclutchers want to deploy the military against anyone who voted for Trump.

I'll never agree with the argument that life is harder for soldiers deployed in warzones overseas. It's Washington DC. They can afford to treat the troops with dignity.

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