I haven’t posted one of these in awhile but if you like my tweets (which I do for free) you can send me a tip on PayPal. t.co/2SOYoQ4Ft8

RT @ArthurSchwartz: Which one of these guys do you think the Chinese communists were buying for $5,000,000? 🇨🇳 t.co/rTPeGEf4jF

Twitter is banning law enforcement officials for posting about the jobs they're doing. t.co/8z9MX1i68o

One thing that annoys me about these protesters is that they always tell other people to wear masks when they get too close. It's just a means to harass people.

RT @Lauren_Southern: We’ve got some amazing personalities in . Here’s a little teaser of the officers!

Huge thanks to those who contributed both on record and anonymously. @conorpoints @TrueLegendFilms t.co/AYmcbbEdv4

RT @AceSix4: AMERICA: The Time For Choosing Is Here.

Let's save this great nation, together. t.co/xYosXyyAE4

The laptop from hell is pretty lit. And there's more coming. What you've all seen is merely the tip of the iceberg.

My friend in Georgetown said that some shopkeepers, woke as they are, are telling others not to board up because it "sends the wrong message." t.co/SLeW76UNRA

BREAKING: FBI has an active criminal investigation into Hunter Biden dealings


RT @selfdeclaredref: 5 days later @Namecheap has not provided an update or removed the website targeting Phoenix police officers t.co/iVSVCLVVRU

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