Lab-grown whathole now?

"Lab-grown black hole behaves just like Stephen Hawking said it would"

We got a real shocker here folks: something that wants to kill you comes from down under of all places.

"Study: Komodo dragon likely originated in Australia"’s-largest-lizard

Oh sure, fine, but when I do it, I'm "a disgusting glutton who smells like sulfur and is slowly killing himself."

"Turtles Caught in Disastrous Oil Spill Treated With Mayonnaise To Flush Out Their Digestive Systems"

Big day for Band Name Alerts on this feed.

"277 pounds of contraband bologna found in floorboards at N.M. border, agents say"

Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine can be carried around in a fanny pack over cargo shorts at SIx Flags.

Great shots here from photographer Stefan Christmann.

"Documenting emperor penguins in Antarctica"

We get a lot of unwelcome fans at our Hitler Pincushion shows but we're not changing the name, it's clear where we stand if you listen to the lyrics.

War Bonds weren't the only way to show your support, also Band Name Alert.

Well my felonious goat painting alert hit.

"Alabama woman faces felony charge after stealing neighbor’s goat and painting it"

Your negativity is tearing us apart. I can't let myself get dragged down into your darkness. I will leave your vinyy LPs out Thursday morning.

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