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This week's theme is Decoration. Take a picture of your creation and send to us by Friday

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If you're 18-24 years old and want to get started in the museums sector, we have a fantastic (paid!) opportunity for an 18-month long Visitor Experience Assistant apprenticeship👩‍🏫
Gain your SVQ Level 2 and develop core skills. Learn more & apply at

RT @NMSEngage: Today is our Digital Schools Session!

We love the decoration on many of the ancient Egyptian objects in @ntlmuseumsscot. Why not have a go at making some art based on them for ?

RT @ntlmuseumsscot: For anyone who needs it: a (virtual) hug from a Moomin.

This mysterious and cuddly character arrived in our collections thanks to the family of Terry Brodie-Smith, a prolific collector of contemporary jewellery.

Its maker remains unknown, but its message is clear 💛

RT @NatSciNMS: Sadly combining with today. The Orange Upperwing (Jodia croceago) is one of several moths considered in Britain, and so examples can now only be seen in collections.

Such sad news. Joan will be greatly missed by many colleagues who worked with her closely over the years

@BDLMuseum Acknowledging that museums are not neutral spaces, he highlights some of the work that we are doing to decolonise our collections. (2/2)

In his latest blog, our Director Dr Chris Breward recounts a recent trip to @BDLMuseum in Mumbai & reflects on the colonial legacies that link museums across the world. (1/2)

📸 Picasa (Creative Commons)

Happy St Andrew's Day!🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
Join us on a journey from Edinburgh to outer space via St Andrews using 5 objects from the story of Scotland.

Watch the full video at

Where are you celebrating St Andrew's Day from? Let us know with

We're going to talk about this in a St Andrew's Day video very, very soon...stay tuned, pilgrims!

This scene of winter revellers on Duddingston Loch, Edinburgh, in 1876 by Charles Altamont Doyle is providing us endless entertainment for today's theme of 'wintertime'❄️
What shenanigans can you spot? Get that magnifying glass out and show us your favourites!🔎

RT @edinburghcastle: Stop by our friends @ntlmuseumsscot War Museum this .

The large collection boasts many artefacts used by the Scottish forces over the centuries. Paintings on display include Robert Gibb’s famous The Thin Red Line.

We'd also welcome applicants looking for secondment opportunities from other orgs. (2/2)

RT @cawston: 💡Job alert klaxon💡
We're looking for a Digital Content Manager to join @ntlmuseumsscot
📱£36,231 - £39,015 pa
⚙️9-10 months (covering secondment), Jan - Oct 2021
💻Full-time (37 hours per week), Remote working
⌛️Deadline: end Monday 7 December!!!

We’re looking for someone to join us @ntlmuseumsscot as Digital Media Content Manager:

This is a 9.5 month post covering a secondment, from Jan to Oct 2021.

Salary: £36,231 - £39,015 p.a.

Deadline: 7 Dec

This is a saltire.

You've probably seen one or two before.

But this one's special.


Because this one went where no saltire has gone before...
Watch our St Andrew's Day video on Monday for the story of how St Andrew took to the cosmos

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