‘Why did you let me go?’

‘My son, you were going to school … I took you to school every day … Then I went to pick you up this day and you were gone.’

- John Kundereri Moriarty and his mother, Kathleen Morr-my-bina, about 2009.

Talking Blak to History: t.co/FpWa5Wfgdd t.co/iLIPaTgEUM

Discover the remarkable stories of ordinary Australians in our new exhibition ‘A Portrait of Australia: Stories through the lens of Australian Geographic’. Learn more: t.co/ZdcSer2u9n

This is a travelling exhibition from @nma and @ausgeo. 📷: Colin Beard. t.co/CUyVpghnSn

Today, we celebrated iDay with a series of onsite and streamed programs. Dance, music and festivity was enjoyed by all – near and far – on the International Day of People with Disability. t.co/moleDiBTRk

Early on the morning of this day in 1854 when the stockade was only lightly guarded, government troops attacked. At least 22 diggers and six soldiers were killed.

Learn more: t.co/V7N6EISMXz

Swearing Allegiance to the Southern Cross, Art Gallery of Ballarat. t.co/Ck7IfTIQgi

Today, is i-Day, the International Day of People with Disability! This year we are streaming a live celebration on YouTube at 11:00am. You can catch it here: t.co/IoPtWKlk8s

We hope you enjoy this flash back to all the fun at last year. What are you doing to celebrate? t.co/6epBBFfYMG

On this day in 1911 the Australiasian Antarctic Expedition, led by Douglas Mawson, sailed from Hobart for Antarctica in the ‘Aurora’.

Learn more about Mawson in the Antarctic: t.co/wf6j41fXPM

National Library of Australia obj. 141769718. t.co/XFzaHmFAdw

As Christmas approaches and the anticipation grows, we’re looking at some of the children’s toys in the Museum’s collection.

You can read about them here: t.co/KY2i2eW5m6 t.co/z7dYqFa4pZ

Australia was the first country to manufacture penicillin for the domestic market. In what year did this happen?

Test your knowledge of Australian health with our quiz: t.co/5s0qSjQa4L t.co/zTbJxSkBdP

On this day in 1948 the first Holden 48-215 rolled off the assembly line at Fishermen’s Bend. Many saw the event as evidence of national maturity, proof that Australia had escaped its pastoral beginnings and embraced the modern industrial age.

Learn more: t.co/KXH2fwyhAs t.co/O3d9LIJr6x

Tough-as-nails former Chief of Army David Morrison reflects on his time as Australian of the Year. He received the award for his commitment to gender equality, diversity and inclusion.

Audio and transcript available here: t.co/5LermoBaTR t.co/OlTDleOBLt

It has been 20 years since Betty and eleven other giant kewpie dolls twirled into the stadium as the Sydney Olympics Games drew to a close. See Betty and other stars in our Gandel Atrium and at t.co/hE3SJNAudJ More on Betty: t.co/a13sna48S1 t.co/WHLLUWF1U6

Gertrud Bodenwieser fled Nazi occupied Austria, arriving in Australia in 1939. She formed the Bodenwieser Ballet group and was vital in bringing modern dance to Australia. This is her stage coat. See more of her collection at: t.co/JjaIPAsJgI & t.co/4hEZbRjHGR t.co/Flwzg7ywcB

I love the creations of Tasmanian Aboriginal artist Lola Greeno. From her traditional maireener shell necklaces to large sculptural neckpieces, Lola’s work is a tangible and unbroken link with the past, present and future. More on Tasmanian shell necklaces t.co/wTrnv8QfZm t.co/pGSVz2EA7a

Constance Faithfull would have cut a fine figure in her tailored riding habit. She wore breeches under her skirt, liberating her from layers of petticoats. She looked the part of a genteel lady but she was paving the way for the 20th century suit. For more t.co/SnuYLcfXpb t.co/hYaoJDbAAB

A favourite t-shirt of mine from one of the many campaigns run by the Women’s Electoral Lobby (WEL). Established in 1972 in Melbourne, WEL grew quickly and the activists campaigned for women’s rights. For more on this collection: t.co/eXxlEvK1iX & t.co/6G5ccTk7G4 t.co/CmQcQubiG5

First up, Natasha Stott Despoja’s backpack. The youngest woman to enter Federal Parliament and a fierce advocate for gender equality. This month @NStottDespoja was elected to the UN's Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women Her pack: t.co/GdiyLrwJj6 t.co/i3dyjumkcX

Hiya everyone, curator Cheryl Crilly here. A theme is a tough gig – so many collections so little time. So I thought I’d share an eclectic mix of great women’s objects and stories – a few favourite ‘femme’ collections!

That's all from me, I'll be handing over to the wonderful Cheryl to share with you some of her collections!

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