In this scene, two Ojibwa people scout for wild rice along the St. Croix River between Wisconsin and Minnesota.

In this scene, a woman dances at a Berber wedding celebration in Taarart, Morocco. Berbers are an ethnic group native to northern Africa, and most Moroccans claim Berber descent.

In this image from our archives, a Han teacher calls out the correct answer in Chinese at a Uyghur high school in Azak, Xinjiang, China.

RT @dabeard: Last week, 10 powerful works of journalism were cited as the best of a decade.
None were photojournalism.
Only one was set outside the US.
@NatGeo fixed that.
Here's our list: 📷 Maggie Steber, @stephsinclair @berehulak @maryfcalvert

In this scene from our July 1914 issue, performers pretend to be an animal at a child's garden party in Japan.

This picture of leaping deer is one of the earliest photographs of wildlife at night and was used in our our August 1921 issue.

In this scene a mausoleum, carved into a desert boulder in Saudi Arabia, that dates to the first century A.D. sits on the well-preserved Nabatean site of Hegra.

In this scene from our archives, a bride poses for portraits in front of the Second Temple of Hera in Paestum, Italy.

When Mexico lost in the quarterfinals of the 1970 World Cup—hosted in Mexico City—Mexican soccer fans turned their allegiances to Brazil. Revelers took the streets after Brazil bested Italy for the championship.

RT @dabeard: For @NatGeo, didn't just change the world; it changed the way it went about picturing it. @whitneycjohnson 📷 by Cédric Gerbehaye

In this scene from our archives, two stallions fight at a wild horse conservation center in South Dakota.

In this scene captured at the Notting Hill Carnival in the late 1990s, dancers sway to the beat of soca. The street festival, not to be confused with celebrations before Lent, has been held in London every August since 1966.

In this scene featured in our March 1998 issue, a biplane flies over the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary, home of the only barrier coral reef in North America.

Every November, this icon of Our Lady of Porta Vaga is borne across Manila Bay in the Philippines. The ceremony is in remembrance of Spanish trade galleons that traveled between Mexico and the Philippines from 1565 to 1815.

RT @dabeard: Moment of zen in documenting a pregnancy in these crazy times: “I will always love the image of my husband with my belly because of the intimacy and tenderness and how it captures the fleeting nature of pregnancy.” by @FancyBethany @NatGeo

In this scene from our archives a dramatic storm rages across the sky in Nebraska.

In this image, members of Hampton University's marching band feign disinterest in the arrival of Norfolk State's musicians, increasing the competitive atmosphere of that day's football game.

In this scene, a guide carries a rifle while taking a traveler through the Stikine River Valley in British Columbia, Canada. He is Tahltan, a First Nations tribe that has long lived in the river valley.

In this scene from our archives, excited students raise their hands at a new village school in Iharara, Tanzania.

In this photo captured during one of Australia's droughts, two sisters ride in the family's truck to check on their wheat fields, which haven't seen a drop of rain in months.

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