Two proud dads discussing their sons back in 2002 👀

We're glad that @Max33Verstappen and @SchumacherMick chose F1! 😉

Just two more races left to go in the 2020 F1 season

And here's the @Aramco Power Rankings update after Round 15 in Bahrain 👀 📊

It's been a busy couple of days 😉

Here's how the 2021 F1 grid looks - just three seats still to be confirmed 👀

Watch our compilation of the best onboard action from Round 15 in Bahrain, in partnership with @emirates 🍿⬇️

Featuring Seb going for a spin under the lights 😵


The famous Schumacher name will be part of the F1 grid again in 2021

Here's an in-depth look at how @SchumacherMick secured his spot at @HaasF1Team after starring in @FIA_F2 this season ⬇️

RT @nikita_mazepin: Last time me and @SchumacherMick were together in World Championships, it did not go too bad! 😜 @HaasF1Team @f1 #2014


Check out the Top 10 from Bahrain plus analysis of the big movers, in partnership with @Aramco 📊 ⬇️

"The lesson of what happened in Bahrain will have gone deep.

"But we can take heart that every aspect of this incident will be investigated minutely, looking for ways to make a dangerous sport safer still..." ⬇️



A relaxed and candid @lance_stroll is this week's guest on F1 Beyond The Grid

It's an interview where Lance reveals a side to him that you might not know 🎧

Available now on @ApplePodcasts


He's preparing for a race weekend with @mercedesamgf1, filing in for Lewis Hamilton at Sakhir

Prediction time - where will @GeorgeRussell63 finish in qualifying and in the race? 🤔⬇️


RT @JaitkenRacer: Got to stick to your roots. I’ll be racing the 89 this weekend, the number I started with way back when 👶🏻

When the future met the past at Mugello earlier this year 🤩

@SchumacherMick takes his dad's title-winning @ScuderiaFerrari F2004 for a spin 🚀

Next year he will emulate his father by joining the F1 grid full-time 👨‍👦


Some great news to brighten up your Wednesday 👀

@RGrosjean has been released from hospital in Bahrain 😌

A huge opportunity coming up for @GeorgeRussell63 this weekend at Sakhir

Filling in for the F1 world champion in a championship-winning car

The eyes of the sporting world will be turning their focus to him ⬇️


Baby @SchumacherMick first got behind the wheel with his father Michael at just one year old 🥺

Toto pays his thanks @WilliamsRacing for solving their driver situation in Bahrain 🙏


RT @HaasF1Team: Exciting times! 😁

Hear from @SchumacherMick as he signs for the team from next season 👇

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