An offhand tweet sparked an outpouring of ideas to fix what’s broken about Facebook and Twitter. Read this week's "Pattern Matching" from @WillOremus in @ozm:

Experts are optimistic, but new vaccine ‘platforms’ are relatively untested.

"When we ignore the specificity and significance of Whiteness — the things that it is, the things that it does — we contribute to its seeming neutrality." —@eveewing

There are six eclipses in 2020, and a big coming up tonight. @zoramag astrologer @ashleighdjay on what it means:

"We should absolutely be outraged for the loss George’s life. But we should also be outraged for Breonna. We can’t forget any of our brothers and our sisters who’ve fallen at the hands of white supremacy and police violence."

"It’s still unclear whether we will return to physical classrooms or continue with online learning. Everyone has a guess, but no one knows."

"More than any other crisis of recent memory, this public health crisis has exposed the deep weaknesses of American society. Not everyone is taking to the message with equal amounts of grace," writes @tressiemcphd.

RT @siobhannyc: The Fresh Urgency of Frederick Douglass’s Independence Day Address - Momentum

RT @JermaineHall: Here’s something you might not have knows about the Statue of Liberty via @AdrienneWrites:

"White people have to sit with why the things that we have been telling them for so long are only now sinking in."

History shows that violence from certain kinds of people, particularly Black people, is considered unthinkable to the racially privileged.

RT @ozm: Too many of us just haven’t been paying attention.

Dean Kamen wants to pump out hearts and kidneys much the same way factories produce smartphones: in high-tech assembly lines.

RT @thebolditalic: "As you see people cautiously and slowly frequenting restaurants and retail stores in the coming weeks, remember that this pandemic and its impacts are not behind us."

RT @GENmag: Coffee shops offer more than food and drink — they’re what's known as a “third place,” a sociological term used to describe social settings outside our home and work.

That's the position in American culture coffee shops might lose due to the pandemic.

RT @elemental: Hannah Davis first ran a fever on March 25. By the end of May, the New York-based musical artist was still sick.

Some days, she had gastrointestinal issues, rib aches, or kidney pain. Other days, it was a stiff neck, headaches, or neurological issues.

Tech companies must take responsibility for their products’ harmful impacts, even if unintended.

Some experts say that reports linking certain blood types to lower infection risks are ‘flawed.'

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