New from @elemental's Inside Your Head 🧠 newsletter: Tips and tricks for getting a good night's sleep.

A few theories explain why men have a greater risk of developing severe Covid-19 infections and ultimately dying from the virus:

🦠 The specific immune proteins men have
🦠 Gene mutations more common in men


The Covid-19 vaccine is finally here — and the public has questions. Lots of questions.

Join Medium's VP of Editorial @siobhannyc + health journalist @tarahaelle for a conversation about the most ambitious vaccination rollout in U.S. history.


The Covid-19 vaccine isn't the only injection people are rushing to get.

Here's why plastic surgeons are saying 2021 is their year: 💉

Divesting from whiteness requires breaking up with white people, including close friends and family members, @tressiemcphd writes:

[email protected] on why Wikipedia's list of cognitive biases is a welcome reminder of our human errors:

Tomorrow is the anniversary of Kobe Bryant's death. @DreamzRreal on how the hashtag honored not only Kobe Bryant, but all dads who are present in their daughter's life.

*This corrects an earlier tweet that said the anniversary was today.*

Today is the anniversary of Kobe Bryant's death in a helicopter crash last year.

@DreamzRreal on how the hashtag honored not only Kobe Bryant, but dads everywhere who are present in their daughter's life:

Lessons from an investor: Don't be afraid to make mistakes, many strategies can lead to success and trial and error works.

"Making sure that a violently oppressed and marginalized community is treated with basic human dignity does not take anything away from anyone else."

The free hotline in Bogotá aims to tackle machismo, an exaggerated pride in masculinity, at its root.

It also functions on the hope that sexist attitudes and behaviors can be transformed for the better.

Start by learning about the three Ps of pessimism: personalization, permanence, and pervasiveness.

If you were a kid in the '80s, you likely remember Trapper Keepers.

What ever happened to those? Read more from @whet in @MRKR:

[email protected] spoke to Black and Brown organizers about their fight for fair housing.

“It’s women answering to that call to fight for humanity: as humans we should have shelter, period,” @audrelorde organizer Kerbie Joseph said.

Both Pepsi and Coca-Cola decided not to air ads during the Super Bowl, historically a coveted arena for the soda giants to put their rivalry on display.

Here's why: 👇

In this week's business intelligence newsletter from @MRKR, @stevelevine and @notrobwalker discuss the million Peloton owners and professional-class peers Zooming and ordering from Whole Foods through the pandemic recession: the Peloton Economy.

"As a first-generation Mexican American, I grew up watching literal piñatas being bashed, and was often the kid most excited to do the actual bashing. But as I’ve grown older... I’ve also realized that piñatas can be metaphorical." @alan_chazaro

"Values are more forward-thinking than simply reactions to the immediate moment," @nireyal writes. "They are attributes of the person you want to be."

"I have spent a lifetime trying to sort out the difference between what we are just fantasizing about, what is reality, and what we are fantasizing into reality." — @carvellwallace in @GENmag

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