Routine and practice are two different concepts, and they key is that one offers flexibility while the other does not:

If you can't stand being left alone with your thoughts, try one of these techniques:

Back in the early 19th century, Russia owned significant chunks of what is today California.

Here's how it slipped through their hands right before the Gold Rush:

Nike has two big advantages: a massive product catalog and access to the world’s best athletes.

What you can learn from the healthiest population on Earth:

Eating disorders are complex and ruthless, and new studies show how genetics may play a role.

Take a page from Norway's book to get through the winter ahead.

Some are predicting a $30 billion valuation. Here’s why it could actually be a lot higher:

RT @MediumWriters_: Introducing the Creators Hub, a new space to help support your creativity and progress. Built by your friends at @Medium.

Why you're doing all the self-care and still feeling burned out:

At the root of social anxiety is a persistent fear of being judged by others, including for what you’re wearing. Masks, then, can be a gamechanger.

Instead of “How are you?” ask this question: “How can I better care for you?”

[email protected] on how to keep the difference in dollars from leaving your relationship with a negative balance:

• Maintain a spacious hard drive
• Experiment with camera height
• Look at the camera lens, not at your screen

And more tips:

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