I made two endings depending of your reply:

Good ending: cat goes owo🥛

Bad ending: .... should l really tell you what will happen? t.co/oRbpP0WDpc


It's on Youtube as well!
Even if it's a .... 5 sec video haha

I hope you don't mind short videos, my channel is full of that :')

It's random but always liked that on the Gamecube

Wish the Switch had something like this, the menu is .... pretty blank : o

When people ask me my way to get better at anatomy ........ Buff animals memes.

I was tagged so many Times on this oh my god, l had to do it!

Im glad so many want me to keep doing the buff animal memes and recognize me for it as well haha t.co/azJynI1gGr

Curious to see my island in Animal Crossing?

Come visit Joli-ravi and have fun!
There is my dream suit code: DA-5979-4007-6255

Also ... there are side quests!
7 ocarinas and 10 pigeons are hidden in the island, will you find them all?

Good luck everyone!! t.co/JE5rQNgmYu

Oh by the way!

I made a version where Bowser is always happy to retweet and like :)

If you want to save the gif and use it in the futur, there is the link for it ^^

t.co/qbvMseo7IH t.co/5DE49oBxCb

RT @ShinyKirbz: Kirby right after he mercilessly slays an all powerful god in cold blood t.co/4hcnLaiml2

For people wondering what is this device, its a Pocket Pikachu color where you take care of Pikachu :)

Acts as a pedometer and the more you walk (or shake it) the more watts you get that allows you to take care of him

The more steps you get, the more stuff/other pokemons u meet t.co/WHD4TepIco

It works the same as Animal crossing when you do your town/island theme but you have more notes there and more space.

Was waiting for my dentist and l made Green Greens From Kirby as well x) (my only way to be a musician ;u;) t.co/rSgi4lIddh

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